English Discovery

General Studies

Students are taught a school based general studies programme in English. This programme has been designed in house to best prepare our students for learning science in English at secondary school. The two modules that make up the course focus on light, sound and electricity and on different technologies that are vital in the world today.

Fung Kei English Club

Fung Kei English Club is established as a platform for students to learn and use the language in a more proactive and intriguing way. Not only do students improve oneself, but the English Ambassadors also promote English in the school through multiple regular activities, such as conducting story-telling sessions for lower primary students and fun quizzes.

Board Games

Students play a wide variety of board games with NETs during recess regularly. Through the interaction and communication with peers and teachers in English, students improve their language ability outside of the classroom. On top of having bouts of laughter, the interaction boosts the brainpower of students.

Survival Skills

Students work on their decision making, communication and teamwork skills in the context of surviving on a desert island. They also have to practice non-verbal communication through the use of drama and role play. The lessons are further enhanced by e-learning resources and educational games.